Aspen Painting

Cutler Flats up at North Fork Park in Ogden Valley during a brisk, fall morning is a great place to be. I scouted the location earlier in the week and think I have a couple of good spots from which to shoot but, now that I’m here and the eastern sky is signaling dawn, I’m completely frustrated with the lack of composition options. What I thought would work out, isn’t. The color and light are amazing – couldn’t ask for more – but there just isn’t a composition that pleases me. I either lack leading lines, the foreground is messy, or there’s a bowery in the shot. Terrible.

I trip the shutter a few times on a shot that I’m not terribly happy with and pack up. I saw a stand of aspen up the road a bit and maybe I can get something there now that I’ve been skunked at Cutler Flats.

While driving I find a really nice overlook. The only problem is there is more haze in the air than a polarizer will remove and, despite having storms the night before, there’s not a cloud in the sky. I still trip the shutter – hey, it’s better than going in to work – but I’m not hopeful.

Finally, I head over to a pull-off, park the FJ, and then hike into the woods to try my shot at some aspens. There wasn’t anything that was exciting me so, inspired by Randy Langstraat’s “Blur” photo, I decide to go for a painting look. While I think Randy’s is much better than mine, I’m happy with the result.

Not a bad morning. Beats clearing my inbox at work.

Painting aspen trees in the fall using a camera