Bountiful Temple at Sunset

I was on my way to the Utah State Fair to take some pictures when, due to a large storm, I decided to head to the Bountiful Temple in Bountiful, Utah. I had been waiting for dramatic skies in order to photograph it and it appeared that I would be blessed with great skies due to the storm. There had also been high winds associated with the storm and the winds had blown a tremendous amount of dust into the air toward the west, so I figured I might also get some nice colors as the sun went down.

The photograph below was taken just to the west of the temple and managed to capture the dark storm clouds and the red highlights as the sun set. If you look at the trees in the foreground you can see how strong the wind was blowing. They are slightly blurry due to movement.

The following photo was taken as I left the temple. I had packed everything up and was heading home. The road I was on climbs along the south end of the temple and intersects with another street. I stopped at the intersection and turned around to see the scene below. I couldn’t believe the colors and the dramatic sky against the lit temple. I quickly parked the truck and took several photos.

Many people ask if the orange along the horizon is a result of image editing in Photoshop or if that is how it really looked. That is how it really appeared due to the dust from the storm. The main editing I did was to straighten out the steeple due to barrel distortion (I used a very wide angle lens), which meant I had to do some cropping, too.

Bountiful LDS Temple at sunset