Cannon Beach at Sunset

Cannon Beach in Oregon is one of the most spectacular beaches I have been to. It’s a beautiful town with well-maintained beach homes and great, scenic coastline. If you’re looking for rugged Oregon coastline then Cannon Beach isn’t the location to visit, but it has sandy beaches and some unique, scenic coastline (especially if you have seen the movie “Goonies”).

I visited Cannon Beach for a couple of days and hoped to get some good weather. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy the entire time I was there but there was a brief period during which the sun made an appearance and I had made the trip to the beach in hopes that I could capitalize on the brief opening in the clouds during sunset.

After searching for a decent location I settled in and waited for the sun to work its magic. I tried to time my shots properly so as to capture the warm sunlight and good waves along the beach. I was hoping for the waves to provide some leading lines into the frame and I was able to get some decent lines to coincide with the excellent lighting we briefly received.

The one real difficulty for me was the large number of people along the beach, and thus in my frame. Of course, there was no way I could capture the shot without them so I figured I’d consider removing them in Photoshop during post processing. However, once I began processing the photo I realized that the people aren’t much of a distraction, you can’t identify anyone because they’re all blurry, and most importantly, they provide perspective to the viewer when considering the size of Haystack Rock. The thing is immense and without the people in the frame, the viewer just wouldn’t gain an appreciation for how big the rock is, so I concluded that I would leave the people in the shot. Besides, I’m not much for fussing around in Photoshop and trying to remove each person from the shot would be tedious. I like the people in the frame.

Cannon Beach in Oregon during sunset