Day One app as photo journal

I’m not one to share my family pictures on social media. I dislike the lack of control I have over them and the resulting privacy issues. I don’t trust that a corporation relying upon advertising revenue (all major social media companies) will respect my family’s privacy to the degree I would expect. As a result, my family’s photos have sat on my hard drive, relegated to the occasional view whenever we happen to let a screensaver kick in. I also print some of them, but I often want to record the stories that accompany the images.

To get my family’s photos in some sort of a digital album I’ve been using the wonderful Day One app as a photo journal/album. It has a few key features that I enjoy:

  • I can post an image to a date and tell the story behind the image
  • The app allows me to tag posts so they can be easily searched
  • Each day can have multiple posts
  • Posts can be geotagged and the app will automatically fetch the weather for the post’s date and time
  • It is private
  • Posting is as easy as tweeting, so I actually do it
  • It syncs between my iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • It’s a beautiful app with excellent fonts
  • Individual entries or the entire journal/album can be exported in PDF or text format
  • It supports Markdown

I have been searching for a photo journal with these features for some time and have been very pleased with Day One. The app is very well-done and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to have a private photo journal. And for those more socially inclined, individual journal entries can be shared via social media.

Go check it out: