Family Trip - Mesa Verde NP

After spending a couple of days in Moab, our next stop was Cortez, Colorado so we could spend some time at Mesa Verde National Park. None of us had ever been there and we were very excited to see the Pueblo ruins.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Cortez, which has a very kid-friendly “fort” in the room, complete with a wall, TV, and two bunk beds. Our kids loved it.

We spent a couple of days visiting Mesa Verde and were unable to see everything. Here are a few photos from the visit.

#####Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace prior to tour

Cliff Palace details

Cliff Palace from the end of the tour

#####Spruce Tree House

Notice the ladders coming out of the covered kivas. Spruce Tree House with covered kivas

#####Balcony House

Here is a well-preserved kiva: Kiva at Balcony House

Balcony House