Family Trip - San Juan Mountains

The highlight of the trip for me was taking the FJ onto some jeep roads in the San Juan Mountains. I wanted to see the towns of Ophir and Telluride, so we decided to take the Ophir Pass trail down into Ophir and then Telluride, followed by Last Dollar Road and on into Ouray (pronounced yoo-ray).

Here is the FJ along the road to Ophir Pass. FJ headed to Ophir Pass

Canyon near Ophir Pass

Here is the actual Ophir Pass at 11,789 feet. Ophir Pass

After heading over the pass the road heads down to the town of Ophir, Colorado. The road is pretty rough, rocky, and narrow, with nowhere to let a vehicle pass, so if you see anyone coming up the trail, it’s best to wait for them to come up prior to heading down. Besides, you’ll want to take in the scenery.

Heading down the road after Ophir Pass

Looking at the tiny town of Ophir, Colorado. Ophir, Colorado

Another beautiful view

After heading about a quarter up Last Dollar Road, we had to turn back due to very slick roads and long, deep mud pits from the previous day’s heavy rains. We instead took the highway from Telluride to Ouray.

Later, we took another road up to some old mines, stopping to play in a small waterfall and creek.

Enjoying the San Juans

Pictures along the trail

FJ near the creek