Film Performance in Winter Orchard Photograph

I had mentioned in my previous post that I preferred the film version of this photograph over the digital version. Here is an example of why (this is a crop of one of the previous images I posted):

Detail of film in direct sunlight within Winter Orchard photograph

I haven’t bothered to display the digitally-sourced version because it was too much of a hassle to even try to get something that approached this look. Notice how the sunlight has a natural look to it (to me it does, anyway) that maintains detail in the branches. Even the distant mountains are visible (something the digital was incapable of reproducing) and the transitions between the details in the really bright area look normal. In fact, the light looks normal and depicts how my eye sees details when looking into the sun.

Yes, yes, I know about stacking images, blending them, filters on the lens, etc. The problem is, I was never able to reproduce this look despite nearly two hours trying to do so with the digital image. What you are looking at here is a crop from an unmodified lab scan.

It’s really incredible and shows how versatile film is in very difficult lighting situations, coupled with a fantastic lab.