Fort Point Corridor – San Francisco, California

If you are ever going to be in San Francisco, I highly recommend visiting Fort Point, which is just under the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is an old fort that used to be armed to the gills with cannon and it is a photographer’s dream. Of course, the history of the place is fascinating but I mainly wanted to visit for the photography. My wife was nice in tagging along but she loved the location, too. While I ran around like a kid in a candy store she read the history of the place.

We visited in the afternoon when the light would be coming in through the various cracks, windows, and port holes throughout the century-old building. My eyes lit up with the possibilities and I began shooting away. I shot several photos of the many corridors within the building before I came across this one. It is the only one I saw with a door at the end of it and I liked that touch. I also liked the small window that allowed me to get some light through it to guide the eye to that end wall. The difficult part was getting my camera lined up and framed correctly to ensure my lines and angles were proper. Lastly, I converted the photo to black and white, which I felt fit the mood of the shot better than color did.

Doorway in Fort Point, San Francisco, California