Officers’ Quarters at Fort Point

I completely have my wife to thank for this photograph. I was at the Fort Point National Historic Site in San Francisco, California to take photographs and learn about the history of the place. The lighting was great so I was moving about taking photographs while my wife was looking at the historical items throughout the fort. I had moved outside to see how things looked out there when I got a text from my wife telling me about a nice doorway in the officers’ quarters inside the fort. I knew the good lighting wasn’t going to stay around forever so I took off into the fort. When I arrived I saw what she was talking about – the doorway/hallway is quite striking. I setup my tripod, got the exposure dialed in using the camera’s histogram and…waited. The shutter speed needed to be 3 seconds and there were people walking around. As you can see, people who might not have been in the frame when I tripped the shutter could easily wander into the frame during exposure. The other trick was to get my perspective lined up correctly so that all lines were correct and the corridor didn’t curve at all. After having my shot spoiled a few times by people wandering into the frame or their shadows disrupting the lighting on the floor, I finally got the shot I wanted. It took me about 15 minutes to finally get it but it was worth it.

Officer's quarters at Fort Point in San Francisco, California