Fuji X-Pro1 First Impressions

I mentioned in a previous post about my quest for a new camera and that I finally decided upon the Fuji X-Pro1. I won’t recount why I made the decision, you can check it out in the previous post, but instead wanted to focus on my first impressions of the new camera.

First off, it’s a lot smaller and lighter than my Canon SLR. I love that and I’ve already found that I’m willing to take it with me when I most assuredly would not have taken my Canon. That alone is a huge benefit.

I also already am used to how the thing works. The mix of custom settings within the menu and the manual dials make using the thing a breeze. Sure, it was a bit different than my SLR, but I really like how it functions.

The Fujifilm presets are awesome. Fuji calls them “Film Simulation” modes but I love being able to easily recreate Provia, Velvia, Astia, and other iconic Fuji film from my early days in photography. I loved shooting Fuji slide film and like being able to easily select those looks in-camera.

The image quality and high-ISO capabilities of this camera cannot be overstated. They are unbelievable. They’re awesome. Hyperbole doesn’t do it justice and I think this new sensor technology will force other manufacturers to change their sensor technology or compete in another way, such as video. I couldn’t care less about video. I prefer stills and want a camera, not a toy. The image quality from this thing is incredible for an APS-C sensor. It’s every bit as good as a 5D MarkIII and better in many ways.