Henry’s Lake in Island Park, Idaho

This photograph was taken on a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park and was near the cabin in which we were staying. The weather was awful nearly the entire trip but for a few hours in the evening of one of the days. As we were driving around taking in the scenery I noticed that this location had some real promise, especially considering the clouds in the sky and the angle of the sun. I decided to stop and shoot photos rather than continue driving and my wonderful family (especially my fabulous wife) were accommodating.

This shot was one of the last in the series from that location, with most of the shots being in a horizontal frame and including some mountains to the right of the frame. I ended up not really liking any of the other shots but really liked this one, probably due to the somewhat empty space on the right of the frame isolating the trees to the left.

Henry's Lake in Island Park, Idaho