Major Website Changes

I have decided to make some significant changes to my website - the largest changes in many years.

First, I have wanted to change the site to be more generic rather than a photography-only site, especially since I have no interest in becoming a pro photographer. My previous site seemed to me to say, “I’m trying to be a pro photographer,” and I didn’t like it, so the tenor of my site will change.

I enjoy sites like Daring Fireball and not only because they write about topics I am interested in, but also because their platform provides a clean and simple method of consuming their content. I’d like to move in that direction and away from a traditional, corporate-looking website.

The website changes will not only be cosmetic. My content is going to change from a focus on photography to a mix of information security and photography. I have worked in the info sec field for about 14 years now and still have tremendous passion for the field. I love how it is constantly changing and that there truly is no correct way to do things. I’m going to spend more time sharing my thoughts on the info security field and discussing things I find of interest.

The tech industry is changing and mobile computing is, to say the least, huge. For some time now I have really disliked that my site was not “mobile-friendly” and I disliked the various mobile themes available for WordPress. With this site change I have moved to a design that is easy to read on all platforms, which excites me.

Lastly, I am finally rid of the mammoth, unwieldy beast that is WordPress. I chafed under the complexity, poor coding, and security issues of WordPress but have never been happy with any alternatives. They all seemed to be WordPress clones, with the exception of things like Octopress or Jekyl, which were unsatisfactory because I’d be precluded from posting via a mobile device.

I have been playing around with node.js for some time and was excited to see the Ghost blogging platform written for node.js. It is simple and the functionality, though sparse right now, is fantastic. My site is running on Ghost now and I am quite happy with it.

There are several items still remaining, such as adding pages and even perhaps modifying the theme further (though I do like the simplicity of it). Still, I’m excited to have implemented these long-overdue changes. Please let me know if you see any problems.