Measuring Others

“Do not condemn others, so you are not condemned. For that judgement you use to judge, will be used to judge you, and the measurement with which you measure, will be used to measure you.”
Matthew 7:1-2, my translation using NA-28

I read these scriptures this morning and they dovetail with some of my thoughts recently about our relationship with others - in our families, our church organizations, and in our society at large.

How many times have I been frustrated by members of my ward, or my wife, or my children because I measure them against a standard that is not fair for them, that they cannot meet? Would I be better off not measuring them at all, and appreciating them for who they are? Do I give others the grace/charity that I would hope Christ gives to me? I certainly want Christ to measure me against a very liberal, flexible, and merciful standard, so do I use the same type of standard in my dealings with others?

I wonder if I spend too much time learning doctrine and not enough time practicing it.