More Website Changes

Once again I have made some significant website changes, now moving to a static website generated by Wintersmith and Node.js. Theme templates were created using Jade and should be responsive (adjusts the page to fit the screen on which the site is viewed, while maintaining consistent navigation).

In order to do this I first built a structure in HTML, utilized the wonderful HTML2Jade tool, made further adjustments to the output Jade template to match what I needed, and then did a lot of CSS hacking. I cannot stress how absolutely wonderful Safari’s web inspector is for getting CSS just right.

So, you may ask, “Why move away from Ghost and to a statically generated site?” First off, Ghost is a great platform and very slick blogging tool. As I’ve been using it I’ve bumped my head against its complex code several times, which is frustrating. I like simple, lightweight code.

Ghost is also very immature and lacks many key features for me, such as theme loops, an API, and a good static page implementation (admittedly, this is subjective). My biggest gripe is that, due to a bug in how the editor handles Safari in iOS 7, editing or creating posts on a mobile device doesn’t work at all. This issue has been around since iOS 7 came out, and there is still no fix in sight.

Bottom line on Ghost: It’s great, absolutely beautiful technology, but ultimately not for me.

Why a static site? It really boils down to a desire to have a simple implementation that is not database-driven, is lightweight, and can be customized without too much fuss. I also wanted a faster site (though my previous Ghost implementation was quite fast) and, importantly, a much smaller attack surface due to the site being basic HTML (with a very small amount of JavaScript).

Anyway, I hope I’ve moved everything over properly. If you see anything out-of-sorts, please let me know. I also plan to implement a photo gallery in the near future.