Moulton Barn at Grand Teton National Park

One of the photos I really wanted to get on my visit to Grand Teton National Park was of the Moulton Barn on Mormon Row. Mormon Row is east of the Teton range and south of the main park entrance. It is near a bunch of farm houses, barns, etc. that were part of the early Mormon settlements in Jackson. The Moulton Barn is a pretty commonly photographed location near Jackson but I wanted to try my hand at photographing it.

We got up at 4:45 AM in order to get to the spot, expecting to have to jockey with other photographers for position but, amazingly, we had the place to ourselves until about 7:00 AM, when various tourists showed up. Prior to that, while we were taking photos, a herd of buffalo came through, forcing us to climb into the Land Cruiser until they had passed by.

This, more than any other, is the photo I was after on this trip. I wanted a panoramic photo of the Moulton Barn with the Tetons in the background. I took a couple of other pano series earlier in the morning but the lighting wasn’t as pleasing as this one, nor were the clouds as interesting. I like that the clouds are shrouding Grand Teton’s peak.

Moulton Barn pano