Nature’s Quiet

I took this shot just up the road along the mountains near my house. I walked outside to head to work and I noticed a great deal of hoar frost on the trees from fog. I had a few minutes to spare so I headed up to a nearby mountain road to find something interesting to shoot. It was quiet while I was shooting; not quite the quiet of a winter night with snow falling, but pretty close.

I processed the image in SilkyPix and then Lightroom, cropping some unnecessary sky and adding contrast. I had originally processed the image in Capture One but there was a lot of purple fringing along many of the snow-covered branches and I was unable to remove it in Capture One. I did not have that problem in SilkyPix so I output it as a 16-bit TIFF and processed the image in Lightroom.

Hoar frost on trees along the Wasatch Front in Utah