Peeking Sunflower

My wife loves photos of sunflowers so I had been looking for a sunflower as a subject for quite some time before I shot this. I haven’t shot flowers much, mainly because I haven’t been inspired by them as a subject, but I wanted to get at least one good sunflower photo. I had gone out looking for sunflowers specifically on many occasions but up to this point had not shot anything that I liked. My shots never seemed to have that “yes, that’s the one” type of quality so I kept looking.

Well, one day my family had gone to a local farm to get pumpkins. As we were getting set to leave I noticed a sunflower patch and wandered over there. The sunflowers were huge and the leaves were nice and green (not the faded yellow of so many others I’d seen). Couple nice flowers with a bright, blue sky and I figured I had a decent opportunity for a pleasing photo. The only problem was that it was very windy so the flowers were swaying quite a bit. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

There wasn’t room to setup a tripod without trampling the farmer’s sunflowers so I had to hand-hold the camera. I held the camera with one hand and the sunflower with the other in an attempt to reduce the swaying from the wind. I took several differently framed shots and settled on this one. I like the mix of deep blue, green, and yellow within the frame. I also like that the flower isn’t centered, causing the sky to be visible to the right. It gives the shot an open feel to it.

Peeking sunflower