REI Acme Pants

Throughout the winter I have been using a pair of Acme Pants from REI and just wanted to leave a note that I have really enjoyed using them. The price is higher than I typically pay for pants but I really wanted a good set of soft shell pants to wear while skiing and hiking. I took a chance with these pants and, since I bought them at REI, figured I could always return them if they didn’t live up to the billing. Well, I’ve been very impressed with the pants and consider them to be well worth the money. I’ve used them for skiing, camping (snow caving) and hiking. The pants have held up very well and have been very comfortable under all conditions. The pants are a little thin for winter pants but with a thermal layer underneath them they have been warm in even 5 degree weather.

If you’re looking for a nice pair of three season soft shell pants (spring, fall, winter), I highly recommend you head to the nearest REI and try them out.