Panoramic of San Francisco at Night

Even though I have been to San Francisco multiple times, I had never been to Alcatraz so my wife and I decided to do the night tour out there. I highly recommend the night tour because it is longer, there are fewer people, and San Francisco looks beautiful at night. Of course, since I knew I’d be out there at night, I took my camera along to try and capture a panoramic of the San Francisco skyline at night.

I stole away from the other people doing the tour, setup my tripod, and took the shots. It is six photographs stitched together and can print as large as 2′ x 14′. It was pretty easy to get level and there weren’t too many people out there so there weren’t any technical difficulties with the shot. The most difficult thing was keeping the tripod steady because there was a solid wind and, with a 25 second shutter speed, I could easily lose sharpness if the camera wobbled.

I really like the fact that there were cars going up the various roads over the hill and into the China Town area. It makes those roads look like arteries to the waterfront. Of course, I also like the Ghiradelli sign over Ghiradelli Square. Of course, the web doesn’t do it justice but the details in the full-sized shot are pretty nice.

Panoramic of San Francisco at night as seen from Alcatraz