Staircase Falls in Zion National Park

The Subway within Zion National Park is an absolutely amazing location for photography and, if you aren’t into photography, to just take in. It is located east of the park’s main canyon and requires a pretty difficult hike but is well worth it. The Subway is a small canyon that has been carved out of the rock by a small river. The river cleared out a tube-like opening in the rock resembling a subway tunnel; thus the name.

The staircase waterfall in this picture is along the hike to the Subway, which follows the Left Fork of North Creek, and was breathtaking. The beautiful red slick rock and fall leaves combine to make this a scene like nowhere else in the world. It’s one of the many reasons Utah is such a beautiful state.

I took many shots at this location but this is the only one I truly like. I tried shooting from the left of this frame, shooting across the waterfall, shooting closeups, etc. but none of them captured the beauty of the location like this shot. I also have many people ask if I went crazy with the saturation settings in Photoshop and, while I do adjust the saturation within Photoshop (I shoot RAW so it’s necessary in order to approximate what my eye saw), I do not punch my colors like crazy. I pretty much stick to settings that mimic the various landscape slide films, such as Fuji Velvia.

Waterfall in Left Fork of North Creek (Subway) Zion National Park, Utah