Subway Crack

This photograph was taken on a trip to Zion National Park where I hiked the famed Subway backcountry trail. Shortly before reaching the Subway, the canyon opens up a bit and the river runs into various cracks – this one being the largest of the cracks.

The shot was taken from a tripod looking down at the crack and the water rushing in it. The photograph doesn’t accurately depict the size and depth of the crack – it is pretty large and quite deep. I had to throw a polarizing filter onto my lens so I could stop down enough to make the water creamy through the use of a slow shutter speed. I also had to remove some ugly looking, dead leaves that were within the frame. I did not, however, place any leaves in this frame.

Lastly, if you ever hike the Subway trail, I recommend some good river hiking boots. It was quite slippery and I was grateful for the pair I had on.

River running through a crack along the Left Fork of North Creek near the Subway in Zion National Park, Utah