Sunset at Utah State Capitol

I wrapped up work in Salt Lake and am heading home past the state capitol building. Sporadic clouds, the last vestiges of the fall storm that brought over 40 inches of snow to the mountains, are still present in the sky, offering a promising sunset.

As I drive past the capitol, I know I’ll be able to get some great color in the sky to go along with a lit-up capitol building, so I pull over, find a spot, and throw the tripod up, ready for the light to change.

I love dusk photography. There is a mood to the images that makes that time easily my favorite time to shoot – if I have a proper interest to place in the frame, and I have one with the capitol building.

I throw on the polarizer since I’m perpendicular to the setting sun. I’m not sure I like the polarizing effect on the blues in the sky. It’s almost too much, but after seeing how it affects the clouds and capitol building, I decide to leave it and deal with the blue polarizing effect. Trade-offs are part of the gig, right?

Utah State Capitol building at sunset

As the sun sets and dusk falls, the sky lights up – as do the floodlights on the capitol building. I snap a few frames with both the 18mm and 35mm lenses but, ultimately prefer the 18mm version. Joggers run by and a few vehicles stop to take in the beautiful sky. It’s great to be exposing some frames and enjoying the view myself.

I really enjoy the process of photography with the X-Pro1. It feels more deliberate and this shot, other than adjusting for parallax due to the wide angle lens, is straight out of the camera using the Velvia film simulation.