White Rock Bay

I have been itching to get out west of Salt Lake now that the weather is warming up. I love the west desert in the late winter and spring. Life is springing up again, there is green grass, and the weather is perfect.

My daughter and I went to Antelope Island to hike around. We ended up on an overlook of White Rock Bay on the west side of the island. We found a nice rock outcrop shaped like a huge chair and settled in for a snack while we waited for the sun to set and provide some nice lighting. This image was taken near that spot, looking out across White Rock Bay toward Elephant Rock in the distance.

White Rock Bay at Antelope Island in Utah

Along the way to our spot, we passed about a dozen bison along the trail, usually about 30 yards off the trail. We walked a bit more carefully along those sections of the trail, and even had a bison try to race us to the trailhead after we parked.

My daughter also had a nice couple offer to let her ride their mule along the trail for a while. She thought it was a blast as it was different than the horses she usually rides.